Parts and Accessories

Bike Parts and Accessories

Southern Highlands Cyclery has the parts & accessories that you want–and need–to make your riding experience fun, safe and a wildly adventurous! The only thing our customers like better than our selection…is our prices.

Bicycle LightsLights
Lights are one of the most critical safety elements for early morning, dusk, and night riding. They are required by Nevada law and, in a collision with a vehicle, you are guaranteed to lose every time. Lights improve your visibility, and more importantly, they allow others on the road to see you better. We have a selection of lights to cater to your riding conditions and needs.

Saddle up with us! We will get you up on that “horse” with the most comfortable and best-fitting saddle for your style of bike and riding.

mountain bike tires tubelessTires & Tubes
If we don’t have what you need in stock we will order it. Our experienced and helpful staff can make sure you get the tires and tubes that are best for the type of riding that you do most.

Keep your energy up on your rides with our healthy snacks and foods. Ending a ride early because you are starving, or out of “gas”, is a huge bummer. Being prepared is easy with our line of good tasting, good for you, refreshments.

Hydration Packs
Staying hydrated in our climate is not only smart, it’s essential! Heat exhaustion and heat stroke are very real threats on long rides in our summer months. Hydration packs make it convenient to stay safe. There are few feelings as uncomfortable as being many miles from a store or home with a dry, dusty mouth on a scorching day!

Emergency Repair Kits
We have all been there. You’re riding along, the sunshine on your face and breeze feeling like a cool feather flapping against your skin, and then…BAM! You swerve to miss a rock or avoid a frisky squirrel, put too much pressure on the brakes and into a ditch or a bush or a fence you go! Upon inspecting the damage…you notice, your spoke is bent and tire is flat. This scenario can go south really quickly, unless, you have an emergency kit what you need to get you back on the trail and heading home to nurse that bruised ankle and scraped knee back to health.

Sometimes it’s the little things that make the biggest impact. Living in the desert, the sun can be a rider’s biggest aggravation. While we love being able to ride most days of the year since we don’t often get stopped by the rain or cold, we must be sure to protect ourselves from the glare and intensity of the sun while riding. A good pair of sunglasses increases visibility and reduces accidents. Besides, our beautiful landscape is much better enjoyed through a pair of sunglasses than through tightly squinted eyes!

Bike Shorts
We have a variety of bike shorts that are as unique as our customers. Well fitting, high quality bike shorts not only make our bikers look good, but feel good too. Ride longer when you are more cool and comfortable.

Notice: We do not ship orders for parts and accessories.